Negative effects of a basement’s high humidity in the basement

  • Aggravated allergies and asthma
  • High energy bills
  • Mold in basement and upstairs
  • Windows and door swelling
  • Dust mites
  • Smelly damp carpets
  • Buckling hardwood floors
  • Condensation and mold inside windows
  • Moldy attic

The most common basement foundation issue we deal with in out part of central AL is concrete block walls. But you have the perfect builder and he built you the perfect basement house, RIGHT? Maybe so but consider this. Your basement starts as a wet square hole in the ground. The foundation is built by lining imperfect and porous concrete blocks up against the wet earth. Both the earth and concrete blocks are a continually emitting moisture. So, it is like your house foundation is wicking up the moisture from the earth.

Solutions, for wet leaking basement

  • A coating on basement walls
  • A proper permanent interior drainage system installed the full bottom perimeter of the foundation
  • Installation of a permanent heavy duty sump pump
  • Permanent no fuss dehumidification unit installed
  • Use a mold prevention product on wood to protect against, high humidity, rot, and mold

Finished basements are like having a bonus room under your house. But when water affects your living space and, the health of your family, you have a bonus problem! Now it is time to call Mold & Mildew Solutions, LLC for water and mold management solutions.

We strive to conduct the highest standards of dust, contaminant, and mold control while installing permanent water management systems. We do not want to disturb your indoor air quality. Always remember HOW MUCH WE CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!
We want to communicate with you well so that our employees will know how to respect your home, valuables and more than anything YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH.
We care about your comfort. Basement Water Proofing is not a pleasant experience, but we hope to overcome the challenges together.

Your basement air affects you whether you hang out there or not. Some building scientists say that up to 50% of your air comes from your basement. So, if you have a wet, damp, stinky basement, guess what type of airborne allergens are coming upstairs.
Your need to hire a professional company for your mold and water removal needs. But who do you trust?

Here are some reasons why to trust Mold & Mildew Solutions, LLC

  • 38 Years plus in specialty cleaning and industry certified in the water and restoration field.
  • Studied and developed on how to control contaminants and provide clean and healthy indoor air quality during installs.
  • Certified Firm and Company Trained by the highest mold remediation standards in the industry.


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