remediation  ( ri-mee-dee-ey-shuh n ) ​​

  1. (noun) the correction of something bad or defective
  2. (noun) the action of remedying something, esp the reversal or stopping of damage to the environment

We remove black mold, white mold, green mold, suspected mildew, toxic mold or nontoxic mold and all types of mold the same way. The goals of mold remediation is to:

1. Remove non-salvageable materials in a safe manner.
2. Remove mold from permanent building materials in a way that prevents mold and contamination from leaving a work area.
3. Bring an environment back to a healthy state, while salvaging materials verses the cost replacing materials.

We Guarantee you a through and Safe Mold Removal by removing mold and water damaged contamination away from your property. (Ask yourself, do you want to remove mold and allergens from your home or just cover them up?)

Spore Suppression in The Containment Area
We will accurately seal off other areas from the affected work areas. Our equipment will catch floating air spores, dust, and containments in the air, and will not release them.

Removing Moldy Non Salvageable Materials
We remove non-salvageable materials by the industry guidelines for mold remediation. These materials are carefully bagged and removed from the building. Removing materials in a safe manner, will not allow other areas to become contaminated.

Getting Rid of Mold
Mold removal technicians will focus on the physical removal of mold spores on permanent items, for example: wall frames, studs, and plates that are newly exposed. Then proper surface cleaning protocols are performed.

Is Mold and Mildew Solutions LLC Certified?
Currently there are no Alabama laws concerning residential or commercial building mold standard requirements. Since we will not be doing any structural repair, we do not require any contractor license. Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC does perform mold remediation within generally accepted industry guidelines. The following organizations tare widely recognized by the professional mold and remediation industry.

The International Institute for Cleaning Restoration Certification and The Environmental Solutions Agency
If you choose Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC to perform mold remediation services for you, the owner has the options to pay for pre and post remediation verification sampling for quality assurance. Or if you prefer, you can have a third party do this for you. Mold remediation services should be rendered only by a professional, certified, mold remediation company (like Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC) who can verify the following: proper insurance coverage, proper certification for: inspecting, indoor air quality and mold remediation by a nonprofit organization known as the IICRC.) All work should be completed by strict accordance with all applicable industry regulations, standards and codes.

Our Mold Remover Products
The products we use in our restoration cleaning is a disinfectant spray, bactericide, fungicide, deodorizer, and antimicrobial all in one. One application kills allergy-and disease-causing germs, fungi, mold, and mildew. It kills odor-causing bacteria, including sewage bacteria. The product we use in mold clean up also provides long-lasting residual protection, so it keeps working by preventing germs and fungi from growing on surfaces long after application. This product is EPA registered and has many decontamination applications. It can be applied to hard surfaces, and just about any surface in need of cleaning mold or disinfecting.

Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC Guarantees
Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC can guarantee that the procedures and products used are by industry standards. Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC agrees to use only EPA registered products that are the most effective and environmentally safe for mold remediation, decontamination and water restoration products. Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC guarantees to remove mold in a safe manner and guarantees that we that we will return your building back to a healthy living environment. Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC cannot be held responsible for mold that returns after removal due to client’s failure to have any and all required moisture repairs completed.


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