Superior VOC Testing in the Birmingham Area

Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC is proud to offer certified VOC Testing and holds a reputation for superior service in this area. We are committed to educating our staff and helping our clients. Now, let's begin with some basic information.

VOC is an abbreviation for volatile organic compounds. These are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at standard room temperatures. The most common voc is formaldehyde which is a chemical widely used in manufacturing. It can be found in building materials and numerous household products. The formaldehyde vaporizes into the air at normal temperatures, creating a potentially serious health risk.

Then, the cumulative effect comes into play. This is the sum of fumes from all the products and materials in the home or business affecting the quality of the air in the breathing space. The fumes from finger nail polish, although not pleasant, may not create danger; however, the fumes from carpet, plywood, curtains, household cleaners, and other household items, can create dangerous air quality. The illustration below offers a good example of the cumulative effect of volatile organic compounds in a home or business.

Common sources of volatile organic compounds:

  • paints, varnishes, paint strippers
  • air fresheners, candles
  • dry-cleaned clothing/bedding
  • cleaning supplies
  • pest & moth repellents
  • varnishes and waxes
  • wallpapers and carpeting
  • cooking oil
  • fuel oil, gasoline
  • building materials and furnishings, foam insulation
  • office equipment
  • MDF (medium density fiberboard)
  • carpets, drapery fabrics
  • resins, glues
  • cigarettes, hair care products
  • un-vented fuel-buring appliances

Improving Health with VOC Testing

Our goal and desired outcome of quality and superior VOC testing is to identify the sources present and to discuss a plan of action with the property owner. Ultimately, at Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC, we want to nurture better health for our clients through restoring your environment to a healthy state.

We'll let you know up front if your home or business does not need VOC testing; however, we will consider the need for VOC testing when there are individuals at higher risk present, symptomatic illnesses, and when air quality testing reveals the need for further investigation.

Higher Risk for Certain Individuals

Children, the elderly, and auto-immune compromised individuals are at higher risk of illness and/or serious disease as a result of long-term exposure. Symptoms such as  a burning sensation in the eyes, nose and throat, nausea, sink rashes and breathing difficulties can occur and should not be ignored. In addition, high concentrations can trigger asthma attacks.


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