The home is only as healthy as the space below it.

  • Energy costs are higher in a wet crawlspace
  • Moisture rises up into the house
  • Moisture causes mold. The stack effect can event affect the attic
  • An unhealthy crawlspace equals unhealthy air inside
  • The long term effects apply to your physicals health as well as the health of the structure
  • You may not notice there is a problem until considerable damage has already occurred

The best way to keep your crawlspace moisture from affecting the health of the inside of the home is to have Mold & Mildew Solutions install a full encapsulation vapor barrier system to the walls and floors of the space under your home.

Our custom fit fabric moisture blocking system is sealed and tight. It is proven to reduce ground water seepage from affecting the wood and structure under your house.

Here are the five steps Mold & Mildew Solutions suggest that you call us to do in your crawlspace to create a dry and healthy home for your loved ones.

  1. Remove organic materials and trash from crawlspace so that mold doesn’t feed on it.
  2. Divert water outside the crawlspace by installing a sump pump and drainage trenching.
  3. Completely isolate ground and seal out wall moisture by installing a heavy-duty crawlspace liner over the entire ground, walls, and concrete columns.
  4. Seal up vents and cracks in the foundations so that outside air and moisture doesn’t come in. 
  5. Install a dehumidify to condition and dry out air properly to prevent condensation and mold growth.

Crawl space encapsulation refers to the permanently fastening a heavy-duty moisture retardant fabric to the floors and walls of your crawl space. This seals out moisture and humidity and in turn blocks mold and harmful contaminants from rising into the foundation and the living area of the home. For an encapsulated crawlspace system to work efficiently all cracks’, crevices, and openings must be sealed. This includes sealing around pipes and penetrations in the subfloor, sealing foundation wall holes, sealing foundation vents, and installing a proper sealed crawlspace door. Now that all the seams and entrances have been taken care of you have to condition the space to keep it dry and the right environment. Mold & Mildew Solutions can install a commercial grade dehumidifier that helps keep your air dry and clean all the time.

Protect your family from moisture  that could cause mold illness, bad indoor air quality, structure damage and wood rot in your home by hiring us to install  Full Encapsulation system in your home


We also Install CleanSpace Encapsulation Systems For a Healthy Conditioned Crawlspace The CleanSpace system completely seals out moisture from external walls, and reduces humidity from the dirt. The liner does not have any open seams, so you do not have to worry about moisture coming through this way. 

The CleanSpace liner is manufactured with a special antimicrobial additive called UltraFresh – molded right into the material, which ensures that mold and bacteria will not grow on either side. 20 mil liner is warranted to be durable and long-lasting it comes with a 25 year warranty against damage from normal wear and tear. This liner also comes with UV stabilizers which will help to have a healthier home also. 

10 mil thick liner that comes with a 10 year warranty against ripping and tearing. CleanSpace Light is a green product because it is made with recycled materials with a special antimicrobial additive called UltraFresh. 12 mil thick liner The bright white finish of the CleanSpace Liner really brightens a crawl space and allows you to easily see that your crawl space is free of mold, insects, and dirt. 

12 Mil reinforced vapor barrier liner gets the job done when on a budget. A thin layer of diamond reinforced polyethylene with U.V inhibitors and thermal stabilizers.

Ask about our add on option that will allow you you can use your crawl space area for extra storage! after the installment.


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