Mold surface tests are taken via a swab sample or by a tape lift sample. This will confirm or not confirm the area of suspected mold growth and of what type. If you have spots of fungal growth that appear to be having different variations, it is recommended that you take one of each variation for the accuracy of what is visibly present.

Also, we can provide what is called a bulk sample for mold. We can send a piece of material off to see if theirs's mold on it.

The sample(s) collected from your property will be sent off to an AIHA Accredited Laboratory and signed by a microbiologist.

Is it Always Necessary to Test for Mold?

If visible mold growth is present, sampling is likely unnecessary. Air sampling or indoor air quality for mold is not included in a routine assessment because decisions about appropriate removal strategies often can be made on the basis of a visual inspection.

If there is extensive contamination, health issues, or legal issues involved, our inspectors may recommend an Indoor Air Quality test be taken.



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