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Mold Collection Techniques

Mold & Mildew Solutions, LLC samples for mold and contaminants on the surface in three different ways. A surface a tape lift. A swab. Or by sending a bulk sample to the certified lab.

Why take a physical test for mold. A test sent to a certified lab will verify wither you are looking at mold or some other containment. A test may not always be necessacry.

Mold surface test may be warranted or desired before and after mold remediation. Samples collected will be sent to an AIHA Accredited Lab and will be reviewed by a microbiologist.

A microbiologist is a scientist that studies microscopic living things such as fungi, bacteria, and algae. Many are specifically concerned with the bacteria that cause and spread disease or damage our environment.

It is important to note that mold tests are not standard protocol for every case although at times it may be recommended.

Testing will confirm or dismiss an area of suspected mold. It will also confirm what types of mold are present even when they are not visible to the naked eye.

If you have spots of fungal growth that appear to be having different variations, it is recommended that you take one of each variation for the accuracy of what is visibly present. ​

The collection and handling of mold samples for testing are precisely guided through procedures established by OSHA. Specific techniques each have their own procedure to prevent the stirring of mold into the breathing space.

A tape sample is collected by pressing a strip of tape onto a suspect surface and then sealing it into a zipper bag. One sample per bag is acceptable and should be clearly labeled.

A swab sample is much like the procedure in your doctor's office when you are suspected of having strep throat. The suspicious area is rubbed with a swab for collection and testing.

Also, we can provide a bulk sample for mold testing. This involves removing a small section of material, such as sheetrock or carpet, and sending the piece of material off to see if there is mold present and what type(s).


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