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OUR GUARANTEE - Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC Guarantees you that we can FIND and REMOVE Mold, Water, and Other UNSAFE CONTAMINANTS away from your home in a THROUGH AND SAFE manner.

WE PROMISE – to take care of you and your belonging and bring the whole environment to a healthier state.

You will not regret hiring our team of professional, industry certified, trained staff. We remove mold in homes and commercial buildings. We will bring our own liability and pollution insurance. Mold Remediation Financing options are available.


“We guarantee that we can FIND and REMOVE mold, water, and other unsafe contaminants in a thorough and safe manner.

WE PROMISE to take care of you and your belongings to bring the whole ​environment to a healthier state.”

- Lee Ramey, Managing Member

Mold and Moisture Inspection

We discover the source and control future growth

Mold testing swab, Mold testing tape, Indoor Air quality

We can take a test to see if it is toxic or not. Swab Test or Tape Lift.

Certified Mold & Moisture Inspection

We will remove microbial growth from your property thoroughly and safely.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Certified Technicians look at your home to determine if you have stable breathing air.

Mold Remediation, Crawl space and Basement

We protect, wood, concrete, retard fungi, odors, and bacteria on concrete and wood.

Basement Waterproofing

Our certified and trained staff can provide you with a healthy crawlspace.


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